thirty 3 faces


Thiry 3 faces was conceived in my mind a long time ago. My desire is to express in an art form my deep respect for the dignity of all humanity.
It is my belief that the definition of humanity does not include just one’s shape, skin color or way of thinking. It does include human values, feelings, and decisions. We all are made the same; it doesn’t matter whether we are famous, or what our skin color is, what religion we profess, or what our geographical origin is—we all are made the same and are of immeasurable value.
Hopefully this project will illustrate that every person in the world is important and can make a difference. Each person’s positive experiences are valuable as well as his/her failures. As we learn to see how we are alike instead of how we differ, surely we can leave the world better than we found it.


It is an array of thirty-three headshots of different people, ordinary people like you and I; people whom you might meet on any street, at your job, or in your home.
They are posing with natural expressions, communicating some human emotion to the observer.


This project may be useful for charitable causes. I would like to offer free hosting to all non-profit organizations, hospitals, schools, etc. for fund raising. This can be accomplished by displaying the Thirty 3 Faces site and asking for a nominal donation when viewing. I request only a small portion (20-30%) of the proceeds in return to cover the cost of printing, website maintenance, and other expenses incurred in the creation and upkeep of this project.