thirty 3 faces


Here are several things you can do to support this project:

1. Right now I am still looking for faces to photograph and be part of the project, specially people from other countries, I am pretty much done with this project now, however you can sign up to the phase 2 of the project. Just give me a call and I can go to your place and take your picture with my setup.
For the pictures women are wearing a strappless shirt and men are without shirt.

2. Once this website is more established, I will be inviting people to help translate this information to other languages. I am working on the Spanish version, but would like Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, etc.

3. Spread the word. It is incredible how someone you know, knows someone who wants to be part of this project.

Important: Please note that no gratuity, payment, or receipt can be offered for your support.